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Accounting, IFRS & Multi-GAAP Reporting
IFRS Accounting and Multi-GAAP Reporting
Accounting and Financial Compliance has become more complex with every changing IFRS requirements. Management and auditors demand justification of the differences between IFRS and local GAAP. Financial Studio IFRS solution allows banks to reconcile and break down these differences as well as points to the reason of the difference. FinStudio comes with an IFRS compliant processing chart of account fulfilling the combined requirements of the different IFRS standards and detailed enough to also meet local GAAP requirements. It comes with ready-to-use standard library of approved accounting schemes. They all can be transparently complemented and customized. We provide the assurance to our clients that the solution would consistently remain compliant with changing IFRS requirements.

Financial Consolidation
If you are a geographically spread financial institution, have a complex cross holding group structure, or create hierarchical multi-special purpose vehicle structure, we provide a web based accounting solution, which allows Financial Institutions to address regulatory requirements for Group Consolidation and disclosure of Consolidated Financial statements. The Financial Studio solution builds in a high degree of automation of the consolidation processes, firstly allowing each entity to maintain its own chart of accounts, performing intra group accounting eliminations and allowing extra accounting for manual adjustments.